ILS your partner to excellent English proficiency



The Institute of Languages Services offers an extensive variety of courses designed to help you improve your language skills, before, during and after your studies. Our experienced instructors have taught all over the world and have far-reaching knowledge of the current best practices for teaching English language. Our center provides superb study environment. Facilities include classrooms with interactive whiteboards, AV equipment, and the use of laptops for accessing online resources English Program (EP) The English Program (EP) is the first well-structured English for General Purposes (EGP) in Garowe-Somalia that equips learners with communicative, functional, social and academic English and study skills needed to succeed in post-secondary studies and beyond. In addition to its rigorous English skills training, the English for General Purposes (EAP) course will propel the much-needed essential academic skills for success in higher education: critical thinking, learner autonomy, study skills, time management and organizational skills as well as information literacy and social justice..

Expected Result

Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills;
• Understand the strategies for getting a high score
• Be able to answer a wide range of examination questions effectively, and
• Improve your vocabulary, spellings, pronunciation, and grammatical expression.
• Prepare you for language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, Linguaskill..

Fee Structure

Tuition fee per semester $114
Semester Books (per book) $35
Registration fee (one time) $5
Total $154


Book reports
Active debates
Reading circles
All skills project
Online practice
Writing tasks
Speaking sessions.

Study Perion

Starter & Level 1 Semester 1 & 2
Level 2 & 3 Subsequent summer semesters

Pass Mark Per Level

 Level           Percentage
Starter           60
Level 1           60
Level 2           65
Level 3           65