Faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Science

About the faculty

The Faculty of Veterinary and Agriculture Sciences teaches a broad range of veterinary, agricultural, food and biomedical sciences.
The faculty involves the study of agriculture sciences and use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management, animal, and poultry management, basics of biotechnology etc.
The objective of the faculty is to use these concepts to train students to improve agricultural & veterinary productivity. The syllabus is designed to provide an overall knowledge of agriculture & veterinary and all its related disciplines.

Dr. Abdirahman Jama Farah

Dean of Agriculture & Veterinary Science


Why Study Here?

With a BSc in Agriculture & Veterinary and some experience, graduates can be ready to seek out roles in various fields. Some career titles could include:

  • Agricultural consultant
  • Estates manager
  • Veterinary surgeon
  • Environmental consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Veterinary nurse
  • Soil scientist
  • Geneticist
  • Veterinary nurse

The faculty of Agriculture & Veterinary Science has been offered by the university with considerable success since 2009.