Undergraduate Program

Faculty of Business & Managment

About the faculty

The Faculty of Business and Management provides education in the field of Business and Management. The courses are enriched by offering the students with knowledge and sciences necessary for managers of industrial enterprises or businessmen, particularly in the area of marketing, accountancy, finance, management, strategic management, enterprise logistics, information technology, and statistics.
The Faculty has developed strong international relations with universities and school in both educational and scientific fields.
The Faculty uses practical, measurable, dynamic business principles and thought patterns that impact positively on students’ ability to succeed in their ability as entrepreneurs, executives or employees. The combination of skills taught puts our graduates at the head of the pack in the areas of business and management.
Therefore, in Semesters of teaching, the Faculty can confidently affirm that its programs are benchmarked to top some of the top universities in the world.
Currently, the Faculty’s courses are grouped into four subject areas:
1. BA Business Administration
2. BSc Accounting and Finance
3. BSc Banking and Finance
4. BA Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Ibrahim Adam Abdinour

Dean of Business & Management


Why Study Here?

With a BA in Business & management and some business experience, graduates can be ready to seek out management roles in various industries. Some career titles could include:

  • Operations manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Project Manager

The faculty of business & management has been offered by the university with considerable success since 2009.