Faculty of Social Science & Economics

About the faculty

The Faculty of Social Science & Economics is a division of East Africa University. It offers a wide range of undergraduate Programmes and Diploma through the Faculty’s academic units. It was established in September, 2011.
The faculty of social science emphasizes the intellectual and behavioral competencies of the Students and will provide a foundation for their future professional and personal development and success.
The faculty has active lecturers in disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, history, journalism, political science, social work and psychology.
The Faculty explores phenomena and problems in our changing world from different perspectives. Our teaching is closely aims to educate experts who are well versed in various social phenomena.

Mohamoud Mohamed Ahmed

Dean of Social Science & Economics


Why Study Here?

With a BA in Social Science & Economics and some experience, graduates can be ready to seek out roles in various fields. Some career titles could include:

  • Advice Worker
  • Civil Service Careers
  • Charity Officer
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Social Researcher
  • Social Worker

The faculty of Social Science & Economics has been offered by the university with considerable success since 2009.