Garowe. Puntland, Somalia

Sh. Mohamoud Hajji Yusuf

Campus Director

Sheikh Mohamoud is the founder and director of the university’s branch in Garowe for more than ten years, and he made multiple achievements during that period.


Sheikh Mahmoud was born in the city of Gruy in 1970, and graduated from Quranic schools at an early stage in his life, then joined regular schools in the capital Mogadishu, and in his youth, he was distinguished by good morals.
Currently, the Sheikh is considered one of the pillars of social work, and is considered one of the leading preachers in the Somali state of Puntland,


  • Ma. Sharia and Low, Al Azhar University
  • BA. Sharia and Islamic Studies, East Africa University


  • Explanation of the Al-Minhaj
  • Explanation of the Umdatu Saalik Wanaasik
  • Explanation of the Cimriidi


Social Working95%
Islamic call100%
Lecture Skill95%