Postgraduate Programs

Application form for Admission 

LUC will provide online application form to _EAU_ for student to fill up for admission . Before filling up the online application form the EAU centre must check all documents (academic certificates, passport/ citizen cards etc) and put a rubber stamp (certified true copy ) with a signature and name of the person who has verified . Upon filling up the form , all supporting documents must be uploaded on LLS online : Admission Fees USD 40 per student.

Registration and Student ID

number Upon filling up the form, Student for registration, student will get ID number . LUC will send by email the ID number and ID card design by e mail . The EAU _ centre will print the card in the country and distribute it to the students.

Face to face Lectures Face

to face Lectures are compulsory . Calculation of credits : 1 ( one credit ) = 14 hours of lecture. If a subject shows 3 credits that means face to face to lectures must be 42 hours lectures ( 3 credits 2 X 14 hours lectures) . These lecture hours can be delivered suitable to the country and students. One semester = 4 months