About Us

East Africa University Is A Leading Institution In Higher Education In Somalia. It Is One Of The Oldest And Most Successful Educational Institutions In Educating Society And Changing The Painful Reality During The Civil War. The University Has Graduated More Than 10,000 Students Since Its Establishment Two Decades Ago.

Welcome to East Africa University, Garowe Campus, One of the
largest and oldest educational institutions in Puntland, which has
produced thousands of graduates who joined the public and private
sectors, and who succeeded in all the fields in which they worked.
Basing on our success story, the university is once again determined
to develop its academic efforts and achieve its strategic vision in the
next few years by producing competent and innovative graduates

Sh. Mohamoud H. Yusuf

Director of eau-garowe campus

intake is open for 2023 class!

Our History

It is apparent that East Africa University (EAU), Puntland, Somalia cannot escape the political, social, cultural and economic impact of constant, rapidly changing global environment. The unending explosion of scientific knowledge and technological innovations is continuously stimulating such a change. Our very survival as individuals and organizations depend on how we face the challenges of global village and compete for space in the local and international market place that is based on knowledge and driven technologically. Basing on these realities, EAU was established in 1999 by academics and elders of the region interested in the development of national education. The university since its inception in 1999 has undergone tremendous transformation in terms of geographical coverage, courses offered and
management structure. These continuous innovations were intended to develop the university teaching and learning process in order to cope with international standards.

Vision & mission


  • Provide standardized higher education to the current and coming generations.
  • Create awareness and confidence among thepublic to mobilize and use their inbuilt qualities andcapabilities for development and preserving the environment.
  • Encourage research and development to create nation with strong intellectual/ knowledge base.


Our graduates have successfully enrolled in postgraduate studies at international universities on various continents

Institutions we collaborate with:


Admission for 2023-2024 classes are open!

Around Campus

Our university is dedicated to providing a well-rounded experience for all our students, and we are always looking for ways to improve. So come explore and see what our campus has to offer!


Main Hall

The Main Hall is a beautiful and spacious venue that can accommodate large gatherings, including conferences, seminars, concerts, and graduation ceremonies


Admin Block

The administrative block is the nerve center of our university, where all the important decisions are taken and implemented.


Basket ball ground

Our basketball court is a full-size indoor facility that is open to all students, faculty, and staff.